We’d like to introduce you to our new friend. Welcome to the boboli family, Keta! 👋

We have some great news! Our friend Keta – a doll who is strong, adventurous and brave – is joining the boboli family. This initiative is in collaboration with the Enriqueta Villavecchia Pediatric Oncology Foundation. Would you like to hear the incredible story behind it? Keep reading.

Like anyone, Keta has her own story
And take our word for it, hers is a very lovely one. In the midst of brainstorming for the Christmas Solidarity Fair, one of the Foundation’s volunteers, Silvia, came in with a beautiful rag doll that she had made herself. The doll was a based on a drawing her son had done and she was called Enriqueta, Keta for her friends.

Then an unexpected element came into the story: cancer, which Silvia had been fighting for some time. Keta waited on the shelf while her companions were recovering from this setback. And that was when Keta became a reality, more than ever before. The doll was adapted so it could be standardized and, to this keta-boboli-fundacio-oncologia-infantil-enriqueta-villavecchia

The family keeps growing
This beautiful story touched us deeply at boboli. So we decided to collaborate with the Foundation and its incredible work by distributing the Keta doll at all our physical stores. Profits will go entirely to the Foundation so it can continue its great work: helping children and young people from Catalonia and their families during cancer treatments.

How can you contribute to the cause?
Keta is a tribute to fighters and to anyone who believes in our power to help one another. If you share those values and you want to collaborate with the cause, come pick up your doll at any of our physical stores. Plus, you can keep up with Keta’s adventures on our Instagram and join the community by posting your own photos using the hashtags #descubreconKeta and #boboliland.