Welcome, spring! Trends you’ll love this season

Switching out your winter clothes? We’ll give you the inside story on the trends coming your way for spring. Shhhhh! Spoiler alert! Things are getting very retro this season. We’re bringing back vintage pieces like the bomber jacket and filling our collection with 80s details like ruffles and bold-colored blazers.

Ruffles everywhere
Ruffles took the catwalk by storm in the new boboli collection. They caused such a stir that we’re seeing them on skirts, shirts and dresses. Whether you like 80s style or you’re more a fan of boho looks, you’ll love these ruffles!

The bomber jacket, a classic for your wardrobe.
Last season saw the return of bomber jackets. This spring they’re being reinvented in new colors and fabrics. Our metallic satin bomber jacket is incredibly versatile and pairs well with everything: dresses, sporty looks, even school-ready styles.


Color-blocking. Playing with colors.
Looks that mix solid colors are gaining momentum; it’s a fun and easy way to combine pieces. You can play with tops and bottoms or choose pieces that incorporate blocks of color, like this boboli shirt.


If you need a little inspiration, the colors below will be all the rage this spring. How about Primrose Yellow with Island Paradise?


Layers and overlapping. Brighten up your looks!
Shirts under dresses? Of course! This 90s trend will give an informal air to your dresses and make them more versatile. To help your outfits stand out, you can play with contrasting colors like a black dress with a white shirt or striped grey overalls and a bright fuchsia top.


Eighties. Time after time!
Denim blazers, in bold colors, striped shirts with a retro look, hats, acid washes…  The eighties have come back to stay. But don’t worry. XXL shoulder pads haven’t hit kids’ closets yet.


Tropical prints. A must for the summer.
This summer classic had to have a place in our collection. You’ll find tropical motifs on dresses, shirts, jackets and even trousers. Are you in spring mode yet?