Rock Star Survival Kit

Being a rock star isn’t easy. You have to work hard. Change your clothes over and over. Put on and take off your makeup. Rehearse all the time. Rinse and repeat. Lucky for you, at boboli we’ve created the definitive survival kit for pint-sized rock stars. It never fails!

Rock and Roll T-Shirts.
You don’t have one yet? The new Rock and Roll T-Shirts by boboli for girls and boys have a lot of attitude. Which one do you want?kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_00

Your style says a lot about you. Got on board with the latest trend of temporary tattoos from Tattly or Tattonie Design. Everybody will want one.kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_01

Skirts with Tulle and Ruffles.
Redblackchecked or with colored polka dots. A versatile piece for informal looks, combined with boots or sneakers, and for party outfits too.kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_10

DIY Musical Instruments.
To perfect your riffs and spark your creativity, you can build your own guitar. Although, if you’d rather have something a little more low-key, you can jump on the  Ukelele bandwagon.kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_04

A touch of paint… and voilà!kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_05

Patches & Pins. Customize your jacket and your backpack with badges, patches and pins. You’ll be right on trend!kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_12

This season, boboli’s collection is filled with skulls. T-shirtsdresses and trousers for boys and girls with a rockin’ attitude.kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_06

A must-have accessory for going incognito among your fans. Round lenses like John Lennon or in colors like Elton John? We’re sure one of these styles will spark your fancy.kit_supervivencia_rock_boboli_09