Summer soul, bring summer to your home

Make your home a summer oasis. Change your colors with the summer shades of the accessories we’ve selected for you. Summer is our favorite place!


Surf without leaving your room. With a hut bed and signs and decorations from Maisons du Monde you’ll always be on top of the waves.


Siesta time! To dream of the most mysterious ocean depths, grab these crab- and octopus-shaped cushions from GRAMPA or a swimmer-print pillow from La Mallorquina.


If you prefer to have sweet dreams, decorate your room with these ice cream cushions and puff from Woouf. May the breeze not leave you shivering!


Melt all eyes with a mirror from April Eleven or these mirrors from McKean Studio. You won’t be able to take your eyes off yourself!


Light up your summer nights. Turn your room into a fishbowl with lamps from Zzzoolight and give it a touch of flavor with a pineapple light sculpture from Zoé Rumeau. You won’t be afraid of the dark anymore!