We’re going to the beach! Survival kit for little adventurers

Are you ready for a dip? At boboli we rule the coast. Grab your hat and put it on—we’re going to the beach loaded with toys.


Castles in the sky? Make them reality and give them your personal touch with original sand mold kits from Imaginarium with either the bakery set or the alphabet molds. No wave will wash them away!


Flamingoes and watermelons, the hits of the summer. Climb on these Sunnylife floats and enjoy sailing the seas.


A ray of sun, oh oh oh. May no one interrupt your adventures. Protect yourself from the rays with these fun hats from boboli.


The ball is in your court! With paddles from The Art of Ping Pong you’ll win all the points on the beach.


Flap, explore and discover the sea floor with a swimming cap, goggles and monofin from Finis. You’ll feel like a fish in water!


Complete your beach kit with swimsuits and bikinis from boboli’s Acqua collection. 3, 2, 1… splash!