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In spring, let your creativity blossom. 10 inspiring plans for the whole family.

Spring is, without a doubt, the most eagerly awaited season at the boboli headquarters. We radiate energy, color, lively prints and vitality. In spring, our creativity blossoms! Today we’re offering 10 ideas for celebrating the beginning of spring in style. These plans are perfect for crafters, dancers or budding chefs. Read More


Fashion for little physicists: Are you light, energy or rest?

There are days when you wake up feeling like the world is your oyster. Others, you’re in chill out mode. The laws of physics are as varied as your moods. With that in mind, we’ve created five outfits for girls inspired by five different laws: light, energy, rest, balance and acceleration. Which one do you feel like most today?

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Eat Your Physics! Recipes Inspired by the Laws of Physics

Physics is in a starring role this season. The laws of physics are all around us, everywhere we turn. They’re all over the place! Today, we’re letting our foodie side take over, and we’re proposing some ideas, tips and recipes inspired by the laws of physics. They’re all based on a healthy and balanced kid-friendly diet. So grab your aprons and try out some of these ideas. Plus, you’ll be surprised by the benefits of cooking as a family. Ready, set, cook!

Header pic: ©Léa Maupetit
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Valentine’s Day. Looks to attract everyone’s attention.

Attraction (At): you + me divided by embarrassment plus, “Do you want to go to the movies?” We are constantly surrounded by the laws of physics, even on Valentine’s Day. Today we honor love with 5 looks to attract everyone’s attention. Who will your Valentine’s Day be dedicated to? Read More


Relive the boboli fashion show from 080 Barcelona and get all the looks.

Another year running, boboli held its fashion show at the prestigious 080 Barcelona Fashion. This time, we invited the audience to explore the wild and exotic tropical jungle on an incredibly colorful trip.

The “Welcome to the Jungle” collection is bold with an adventurous spirit. It mixes together exuberant, energetic prints as well as floral motifs with a sporty touch.

The adventure wouldn’t be complete without flamingos, toucans and other wild animals. They may be camouflaged or accompanied by hibiscus flowers and large palm fronds.

And of course, there’s boboli’s unmistakable calling card: color. In this collection, black combines with bright colors like fuchsias, vibrant oranges, lemon yellows, ocean blues and expressive greens, without forgetting white, which lends brightness to the pieces.

Did you miss the show? Relive it with these pictures and get all the looks for a limited time at this link.