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Sockless and Wild. Fashion for Little Geniuses.

We just couldn’t wait to be like Dr. Einstein! Hang on, hang on… we don’t mean taking a picture with our tongues sticking out or discovering a new scientific theory; we mean not wearing socks now that it’s getting warmer. They say the German physicist never wore socks with his shoes, because they bothered him. If you like following your own rules too, don’t miss these summer outfits. There’s nothing more relative than taste. To each his own! Read More

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In a state of rest. Build your own chill out zone with boboli.

As important as it is for kids to stay active, they also need to know how to take it easy, and they need somewhere to do it. In this post, we’ll give you some ideas and tips for creating a chill out zone just for them. When they rest, we can rest. Read More

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Book Club: Books for Little Scientists.

Do you have a little Einstein or a little Marie Curie at home? Launch your little one’s gray matter into orbit! Taking advantage of the fact that today is World Book Day and that our latest catalog is inspired by the laws of physics, we’ve created a list of science-themed children’s books. Shout it loud and clear: Eureka! Read More


How much do you know about physics? Find out with this fun boboli quiz.

With the start of some nice weather (finally!) we feel much more like going out and making plans outdoors. A picnic in the countryside, playing in the park, or a day at the beach are great for disconnecting and getting your body moving – in your favorite outfit. But don’t forget to exercise your most important muscle: your brain!

Here’s a fun physics quiz to put yours to work. Write down your answers and then check them against the solutions at the end of this post. ¡Mens sana in corpore sano!
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An April shower, of outfits! Looks to get your style blooming.

We just couldn’t wait to get our spring jackets out of the closet! April means great outfits, color, flowing fabrics and floral prints. Today we’re proposing four floral looks for girls, boys, baby girls and baby boys. Whatever your little one’s age, you’re sure to fall in love. Read More


In spring, let your creativity blossom. 10 inspiring plans for the whole family.

Spring is, without a doubt, the most eagerly awaited season at the boboli headquarters. We radiate energy, color, lively prints and vitality. In spring, our creativity blossoms! Today we’re offering 10 ideas for celebrating the beginning of spring in style. These plans are perfect for crafters, dancers or budding chefs. Read More